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Sparkling words blog

Sparkling Words: A call for artists, a call
for artistes and for Vikings plus recipe tips what more could you want?
Oh yes, and free books.

Those Sparkling Words
Tove Gulbrandsen says of Adrian Spendlow:
Your trademark: Constantly flowing river of interesting, important ideas. Funny, silly, crazy. And delicious overwhelming deep thoughts about the most important stuff in our lives. Always from a surprising angle. That is you. Your gift. Your ideas will never stop. You lift them out; serve them – to let everyone receive your gifts. That is why I want so many to be a part of these treasures you are giving us

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Will Not Do (The World)

Will Not Do
I got a little carried away on this one. Then I decided not to post it. I feel so strongly that a new time is coming, where what we care about, whoever we are, will be integrated, not only with whatever others on this world are in need of, but within the way the world works. When I talk of the world here, in this prose poem, I am talking of the people world, the way of conscious thought effecting our perception, rather than the earth, which would be cleaner and more beautiful without us. I also think I wanted to be a bit sensational.

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farmer adrian giles

Introducing Farmer (Adrian) Giles

I really am enjoying blogging and am encouraged with the amazing reactions to my eclectic way (crikey its hardly a month and I am seeing notifications of over a thousand clicking in). Topics to date have included Vikings, fairy, recipes, poetry, medieval, storytelling, relationships, haiku and Norwegian farming. Here we see me getting a little carried away at the thought of a new career and soundly uplifted by people’s work upon the earth.

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a glimpse

A Glimpse (poetry)

After just over a month of blogging I was delighted to see well over a thousand copies have been viewed via email alone. Topics to date have included Vikings, fairy, recipes, poetry, medieval, storytelling, haiku and Norwegian farming. Here we have poem and art which comes with a warning; you may be effected emotionally and reach out to another.

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Memory of Otternes

Otternes Farm, Flåm Valley, Sognefjord, Aurland, Norway

When I sit here, I have sat here before. I am hobbit-like and living. In my sense of belonging, I know: I know this place.

Families are thin, thin on the ground, of the mountain. Long line of families in the mountains, dug in, right into its rock and earth and grass. There are long deep roots which hold us in place. Some say if you chop too many the whole mountainside will slide with us into the brakk below.

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memories of otternes

Pancreatic Blog – a travelogue reblog

I thought I might recycle some of my older blogs from my Facebook notes and this one came to mind. Mainly because I have just sailed through.

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Be Our Statesmen

Yes, a statesmen, not a politician.

I am moved and excited by what individuals are doing to help other people and, of course, to affect the people in power, (there are some u turns happening because of human opinion), I think social networking may be the new way of understanding. Dealing with the details of all these people is absolutely wonderful. Rescuing and caring.

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