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“When you question life to the extent that the ground shakes beneath you, then you are living. Thank You.”
- An Audience Member

“I can hear the stories echoing around the brick walls..I feel the hair standing up on my arms...OOOHA! YOU SCARRY YOUNG BEGGAR!”
Sue H. (Ghost Fan)


There is a duality within Adrian when we arrive at the topic of Ghosts, you may well know that when it comes to ghostly matters Adrian is the most chilling, creative and dramatic teller you will have ever experienced, what you may not be aware of, is that he is also a spiritualist by faith; so there is a depth of meaning and belief behind his stories: Hence his work as a clairsentient.

Adept with the Crystal ball he gives personal readings when requested: Bringing images of confirmation and supportive love.

The greatest message one can receive is that those who we have loved have gone on elsewhere and that there is life beyond. Seeing a vision in the Crystal of a coat in your wardrobe that used to belong to your grandmother, that you cannot bear to be rid of even though it is taking up about a third of your space does more then tell you your grandmother loves you from beyond, it brings us the news that we will go on. Knowledge of continued existence changes everything. Once you know that you will be looking down on loved ones one day, that we will be spirit, we also know that we are spirit now within a temporary body. Live you life differently from now on. So often we learn this from others. If we go to an evening of mediumship we hear others respond with tears and laughter, with absolute proof through simple things like a description of the hat you used to wear as a child or the way your aunty worried when you were lost. Their acceptance become acceptance for us, it is proof enough. Having faith in these simple experiences is enough. We go on.

Read of Adrian’s vision of an appearance at the medieval Barley Hall and the message from very long ago by visiting Ghosty Stories. There are many tales to be told and you can read of some of them above or through Adrian’s publications.

You could of course make contact with the living by contacting Adrian and asking him to create a reading just for you.

Through his clairvoyant work and his connection with all matters Viking he has developed skills with the Runes. Originally commissioned to give rune readings for the Jorvik Viking Festival he then went on to work with author Jackie Etheridge and has developed techniques based on her research. This brings a whole new approach that is based on the origins of Ancient Germanic rune-casting. As well as being available for readings as a Viking, Adrian offers readings by post.

Through his work with Viking Myth, Adrian is the inventor of Nordic Cards. These have become a lively part of his performances and are available on aboutadrianspendlow online. Monsters, Gods and Beings from the Nordic Mythos; Dare you pick a card to discover What Is In Your Heart?! Lots of fun, especially in a crowd.

If you are interested in owning your own set of Nordic Cards, do please register an interest now by making contacting and you will be sure of being the first to hear when these beautifully crafted and presented cards sets are available.

The Nordic Cards are accompanied by a ‘pick a rune set’ and the creatively inspiring Journey cards which can be used for inspiration or personal direction and of creative writing. Go to About to explore.

Though Adrian’s exploration of the worlds of spirit he has felt a calling to develop as a healer. Trained in healing, he learnt techniques that give focus, positivity and energy, he has gone on through spiritual paths to create Resonant Healing with a focus on rejuvenating energy sharing. His sessions are relaxed and comfortable, and even chatty, using non-touch techniques and the help of loved ones who gather around us at times of need. Become better able to live as you will to. Contact

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Adrian Spendlow: 01904 789950 / 07952 425670. 6 Acomb Mews, Front Street, Acomb, York YO243BQ
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