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Well yes it is as simple as that. If you can read it here I can perform it there.

I have been given some very good advice. I often point out that the N word is impossible for me to say. I agree to all the different offers and challenges that come along. It has been suggested that Instead of Nnnnnnnnn I say YES

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I also undertake commissions to create completely new pieces of work specifically designed for your project or event. (Use the button at the bottom left of page)

The River festival commissioned me to create a model of the river with each part producing a story. Follow the trail of Margaret and how her family brought the cocoa beans to the chocolate factories, A whole world of folklore, country lore and magical myth travel with us along the way. Suitable for the every young too.

The Festival of Light in York saw a commission from York’s Literary Officer called Shadows of an Ancient City Shine with sunrises, sparks of life and a whole city of York on a table. All ages and families too. (Best in the dark)

Essence of Journey is a collaboration project with Arts Action York and York Archaeological Trust to bring artists, storytellers, writers, children and community groups together in an exciting interactive creative way. The culmination will be performances and displays of created banners during the Jorvik Viking festival.
Grants are being awaited for the after schools and community parts of the project in the mean time however you can join in by engaging services: Sessions of storytelling and gathering with a specially created essence of journey group work; items from which will go on to the festival.


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