Some of the quotes and comments about Adrian and his work

Jorvik Festival

Just a note to express my gratitude for all your work during the Festival. I hope you were pleased with the workshops and Bardic Adventurers - I think they were a great addition to the Festival programme, and we received a lot of very positive comment. I know that the staff all enjoyed working with you. I hope that there will be opportunities to work together in future.

With best wishes
Jane Stockdale
Events and Festivals Manager

01904 643211

NB I have gone on to provide many hours of workshops, classes and performances for children and families throughout the year and am featuring highly in Jorvik Festival 2006 + 2007

Yorkshire Evening Press report on a visit to my National Poetry Day workshops. Kate Lock

Sutton under Whitestonecliffs School

We want your intro poem in our set all the time. The Cutters

“Great introduction.” The Golden Virgins

“Thanks that was the best introduction I have ever had.”

“You bring something really special to a gig, there is no one like you.” Tony of Manilla PR

Musicport 2005

“Meanwhile the Free fringe Festival was running at the Resolution - 16 acts over two days all introduced with off the cuff, extraordinary, humorous poetic inventiveness by Ade Spendlow.”

The Answers at Whitby Musicport 2005

“Ade Spendlow with his free-form band opened Sunday’s programme in bizarre fashion, drawing the audience immediately into the spirit of the event.”

Remember This - album review

City Screen, York:

“York-based Performance Poet Adrian Spendlow teams up with Willow Songsmith on keyboards to present an evening of music and poetry vocals. Their jazz, rock and psychedelic influences meld into something that moves you and makes you want to move. Music and words weave and integrate to create a powerful, uniquely emotional and atmospheric experience.” From the publicity for our gig there on 3rd of February 2002

Thanks for a really cool set, reminiscent of John Trudell” Chris TT about me n Dan Webster

“words you can dance to” “Wow. Nobodies ever done that before.” Fibbers Music Venue, York

See Yorkshire Evening Press Review

“It’ll be a winner” Hopscotch Books

“I don’t know what you do, but you must be good, you got a better reception than Father Christmas” A parent as I was leaving All Saints School (And waving at all the kids)

“My next album, I want you on there doing your garden poem in the middle of my song” Jon Harvison

“As soon as I start working on my next album I want you in to do the Cool River poem as an inset in the song, its stunning” Dan Webster

“We’ll be using you again next year” Ripon Festival

“Charismatic” “Adrian hosted the Whitby World Music Festival and wrote a unique introduction in poetry for each band” Whitby Gazette & Scarborough Evening News

“Children, parents and librarians all enjoyed your sessions for us - thank you for Poetry Explorers” York Libraries

“Thank you for a wonderful day. - We will be using you again.” Christine Fitt, Doncaster Libraries

Why aren’t you’re children’s poetry adventures published, I can’t believe it. We look forward to seeing you again” Stockport Libraries

“Poet, Storyteller, wit and compere. That’s Adrian Spendlow, he’s a regular at Otley Black Sheep Festival noted for his poetic introductions.”

“Poetry has come on a bit….” -


York K Music: “An evening of multiple fusion which criss-crosses artform barriers willy-nilly and has been described as Rhythm Theatre.” “Brilliant - Held us spellbound”

The Talent Channel: “If you have any other footage - send it!”

Rock n reel: “Damn Heart; a new two piece, fuse folk stylings with theatrical delivery and the energetically imparted poetry of Adrian Spendlow… much to admire and intrigue.

Health Manager: “On Both Sides Of The Fence; a performance on the subject of mental health had us laughing and crying - real theatre.”

Speech and Drama: Here at last! - your excellent article. Thank you very much indeed.

Otley Black Sheep Festival: “a new concept in entertainment… going down well where ever it is performed. Adrian Spendlow has always been a bit different - now you can hear his unique performance poetry interwoven with this riveting new music”

Rosedale Festival:

“Star of the festival!”

Cathedral School, Ripon:

“We would gladly recommend you to any school”

The Yorkshire Evening Press:

“The only full time poet in the region, Adrian is extremely busy”

York Arts Centre

“We would gladly recommend your act to any other venue”

Asda Big Read: “You could come back every week!”

Scarborough Cultural Festival: “We asked around and heard nothing but good. It seems everybody knows you from Rosedale Festival.”

Whitby World Music Festival: We had always wanted to see you, but never made it. - Now we are organising a festival so we had to book you.”

Halifax Piece Hall: “We’ll be using you again!”

Derbyshire Millennium Literature Festival: “Thank you for a wonderful contribution”

Arkwright Centre: “OOH Thank you, you are a darling”

Manifold Magazine: “I really like your poems, please send us some for publication.”

St Sampson’s centre: “Lively renditions from entertaining poet Adrian Spendlow”

Yorkshire Evening Press article: A York poet has lost his lucky mascot and says he can’t utter a verse without it. Adrian Spendlow shares the stage with rag doll models of himself and girlfriend Sharon Emery.

But when he returned from a gig at the University of York he noticed his doll had disappeared.

Now the poet, who regularly appears at the Bay Horse, in Marygate, York, feels he may not be able to appear at Starbucks Coffee, Coppergate Walk, this Sunday unless he is found.

He said, “I’m absolutely heartbroken. I won’t be able to go on without me!” I could have lost it anytime over the last few weeks.”

“I keep the puppets on the wall at home. I looked up thinking my girlfriend looked lonely and then realised I’d lost it. I’m thinking of writing a poem about it.”

The jazzy puppets were made by his daughter, Holly, as part of her art course at York College and hold great sentimental value.

Adrian’s missing mascot is described as 18 inches tall, with a pointy nose, floppy beard, loud clothes and a book of poems in his hand.

Senior Starbuck’s Managers are due to attend Sunday’s gig as Adrian is the first poet to perform verse in their UK premises.

His popular poems include; The Devil Still Walks and Reality Rippled. “I would describe my poetry as wild and wacky,” he said.

“Maybe the audience only come to see my mascot!”


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