Bridlington MIND - Poet in Residence Adrian Spendlow

A wonderful experience with a great team. Thanks to all for allowing me to be part of things. I look forward to working with you all again.

As part of Bridlington’s Arts and Music Festival 2006. Arts and Crafts Exhibition

The exhibition was wonderfully eclectic with wide ranging styles and media; Schools groups and community health groups mingled their work in with displays from evening classes and professional artists. Giving a feel of quality and freshness.

Another welcome return to Bridlington for me, (What was I described as previously? The towns favourite son or was it most famous son perhaps? Well people will say anything to get you to open their exhibition), I didn’t realise till I did the press release below that I had such a busy ongoing relationship with this lovely town. I have very seriously considered moving in since.

The Press Release

Adrian Spendlow is currently working on a writer’s guide of poetry forms for Hopscotch Educational Publishers, has just produced two CD-Roms of his work for children and is well known throughout the country for his unique action poetry. He is no stranger to Bridlington either, having performed at Sewerby Park Orangery, The Town Hall, the Parcel Office Arts Centre and The Spa as well as visiting schools around the town and outlying areas. His community work has seen him work alongside Mike and Diane Wilson, Bridlington Mind, Library Services and The National Association of Writer’s Groups for who he has acted as competition judge. Through his work for the Persula Foundation he has performed for elderly, visually impaired, and special needs groups. Having been born here he has even been described as Bridlington’s most famous son! Many of the poems written with him while East Riding’s Writer in Residence for Bridlington are displayed on Michael Thornton’s Bridlington Website.

Adrian says of his residency, “An all too brief but wonderful experience that re-introduced me to this lovely town and her people and visitors.”

Adrian will be working with five classes, building an ever growing poetry display from the work of all visitors, meeting and talking with callers and inviting everyone along to experience all the exciting work that has been done during the week at the final performance from the children and Adrian.

Letter for the Schools

Performance poet Adrian Spendlow brings excitement and action to poetry. Your visit to Leisure World during Bridlington’s Arts and Crafts Week will explore writing, poetry, drama, creativity, and the actual art on display in a celebration of the beauty of Bridlington.

Follow on work will be supplied on a CD-Rom of poetry and ideas and we invite you to return copies of your further writings for display.

Children are also invited, with their family and friends, to Leisure World on Wednesday evening where they can join in with Adrian for the final exciting performance.


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