Why Adrinskald?

A Skald is a Norse bard writing to homage the king, to create a mythos, to maintain custom and practice and to entertain. (They probably also aimed to get a little of what they wanted for themselves too.)

I had the honour at Whitby World Music Festival, recently of meeting a Griot, a hereditary storyteller. For countless generations the responsibility of moral conduct and group awareness had been passed down through his African Tribe, as had the timeless rich stories.

I realised then that it was these skalds in Norse worlds who had made our knowledge possible. What they believed they shared and what they shared was believed. They were the history makers; the myth makers and I have the role of being in their stead.

Being a storyteller, mythmaker and direct descendant of the original Skalds is a heady responsibility with only a deep sense of imagination and a resourceful creativity to keep me going. Alright there is a good depth of research but intuition and an acceptance that the magic stayed here and is still real are what make what I do truly entertaining.


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